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Verona Travel Guide

The city of Romeo and Juliet, the famous work of Shakespeare. One of my favorite locations in Italy. With its quiet streets, you can feel like Verona. I think it’s definitely a destination that should be added to your program.


Population: 252.226

Language: Italian

Currency: Euro

About Verona Transportation

Train: From Milan or Venice, you can reach Verona in 1.5 to 2 hours. Bologna is a 50-minute and 1.5-hour journey away. The change in the time of the journey varies due to high speed train or commuter. Verona airport is 15 km outside the city. But it is only used on domestic flights. There are 2 stations in the city. Porta Nuova is the station used by tourists who are close to the center.

Urban Transportation

Renting bicycles makes sense for 8 euros per day.

I recommend you to walk outside. As the city is small, you will easily finish a very important point in 1 day. Remember, the most beautiful place in Italy is the streets.

Verona Attractions

Verona Arena: The 3rd largest amphitheater in the world. Built in 30th AD. With a capacity of 30,000 people. The most interesting thing I heard was that until 2011, no electronic devices were used to hear the sound. His acoustics were enough. Today it still hosts games and shows.

Juilet’s House: Definitely one of Verona’s landmarks. Shakespeare’s immortal Juliet’s house. Juliet’s balcony is flooding with visitors every year. The number of people who come in here and wear padlocks isn’t much. According to the belief that every padlock and begging wishes bring true love to people. Access to the courtyard of Juilet’s house is free. But if you want to see the balcony fee: 7 euros.

Erbe Square (Piazza Del Erbe): Verona’s most beautiful square I think. The walk here is very pleasant. The beginning of shopping points starts from this square. The culture of the square is very common and important in Europe. At this point, I recommend you to sit in one of the restaurants or cafes and just watch the square.

Castelvecchio: Old Castle. It was built on the Adige River with red bricks. It is one of Verona’s landmarks. You can walk around the walls.

Lake Garda: 30 km from the center of Verona and the largest lake in Italy. From Verona you can take the bus LN026 to Lake Garda in front of Porta Nuova Train Station. Lake Garda is the last stop in the town of Sirmione.

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