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Paris Travel Guide


Population: 12,405,426

Language: French

Currency: Euro

About Paris Transportation

Charles de Gaulle Havalimanı

The city’s major airport is located about 25 km northeast of the city. It consists of 3 terminals. There are trains to the city center every 5 to 10 minutes. There are also shuttle services and bus lines called RoissyBus and Le Bus Direct. From the Rer B- Airport, the journey to Gare du Nord train station takes 30 to 35 minutes. The transportation price for this option is 10.3 Euro. Taxi – In the taxi option the amount also varies according to the number of people. No bargains in this country, everything is systematic. But the vehicle transport max. You can handle it for 75 euros. Meanwhile, most of the drivers are Turkish. Le Bus Direct – Trocadero Square, the Champs-Elysées and Eiffel are on this route when you go on line 2. The price is 17 euros, transportation time is about 30 to 36 minutes. City Bus – The most economical option will be the city bus. Buses between 350 and 351 depart from 06.00 to 22.30 and depart every half hour. Fee: 5,7 Euro.

Airport Orly

2.Class of the airport where the airline can be called. There are 2 terminals in Orly. Terminal Q usually has flights from EU countries. After you leave Orly Airport, you can travel to Champs-Elysées or Orlybus stops according to your destination.

Local Transportation

Metro: There is an incredible network in Paris. There’s even another underground Paris. 16 different lines operate between 05.00 and 00.30 in the morning. In this case, you can go to a lot of points max. You can easily reach 30 minutes. Keep in mind that the morning alone is incredibly crowded! As for the ticket,

1 ticket, 1,9 euros.

2 tickets, 3,8 Euro

3 tickets, 5,7 Euro

10 tickets for 14.9 Euros. I think that makes more sense

Places to visit

Eiffel Tower

Sir, here’s the story. A project competition is being held for the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. 700 projects are participating in this competition. There are no 700 projects. There’s even a 300-meter granite stone. Among these works, Gustavo Eiffel’s work is selected as the first and after 2 years, 2 months and 5 days work, Eiffel emerges. In the meantime we have to say that the cost in the construction has kept 8 million francs. Only 20% of this money was met by the French state. The rest is up to the architect, his father Eiffel. Gustavo Eiffel really put everything into this project. He learned that his project would only last for 20 years, as if he didn’t get 80% of the cost. Still didn’t give up. Yes, Eiffel was supposed to remain in the first place for only 20 years and then collapse.

This place has seen serious reactions in the early years. This tower, which was 300 meters when it was first built, then becomes 324 with its extension. However, for every 1 meter of the first 300 meters, the signature of 1 important artist was collected. In summary, nobody wanted this place. Even one of the authors appears from all over the city. The only place I haven’t seen Eiffel is six. That’s why he said I’m going to work there now. Eiffel has always stood up when the signature campaigns started and metaphors such as iron stack and factory chimney were made.

Concorde Square

Concerde Square is the challenge that the husband has turned into the closet yes. There are eight angels in the square. Each angel bears the name of his own city and his face looks there. Strasbourg, Lille, Lyon .. Hundreds of hanging scenes in this square where people who want bread from the “bread, cake is available,” said the Austrian Queen was hanged here. Both dramatic and important for the French Revolution. There is also an obelisk like us in the square. A 3200-year-old stone. He was ripped out of Egypt and brought here. Our obelisk is 3400 years old.

Louvre Museum

I guess no one knows Monalisa anymore. Would you like to see the Louvre Museum hosted by him? I think it is one of the most difficult points to visit in Paris. No matter how little I’m going to stop inside, you’re wasting two or three hours here. The fee is 15 Euros per person. But you can visit for free on the first Sunday of every month between October and March. And on July 14. I’m talking about a big area where 20,000 people stop by a day. It has been one of the most challenging museums since I really started to visit. The British Museum

The entrance to the museum where the glass pyramid in the middle is made is really laborious. Nokia’s famous snake game, or you know, that account twisted in the queue waiting for 20 to 25 minutes. But my suggestion is to go to the Galerie du Carrousel Shopping Center which is right next to the museum. The museum gate you enter here is always quieter than empty. Just in front of the Apple store in the mall.

No matter how much I write, I may not be able to tell this museum properly. But protected by bullet-proof glass, Mona Lisa is of course the first visit to the museum. You can easily reach Mona Lisa with the direction of the arrows. In front of a busy crowd going on everyone is taking a serious struggle to take pictures. A medieval fortress in the museum, the statue of the Venetian Milo of Leonardou, the statue of Michelangelo’s two villages,

Especially the ancient Greek and Egyptian part of the museum is the most impressive part.

Le Pere Lachaise

Le Pere Lachaise Cemetery is one of the ten most visited places in Paris by tourists. At this point, which was formerly a nursing home garden, it is not only special because of the famous people who have reached the level of immortality with their music, literature and painting. The cemetery resembles an open-air museum with huge statues.

Carnavalet Museum

Although the Musee Carnavalet was opened as a Renaissance hotel in Le Marais (a protected area in 1965), once the aristocrats’ historical district, which is famous for the art galleries of Paris, the galleries that became the museum in the 1880s and the symmetry where you can capture stylish photographs. a wonder museum.

Sacre Coeur

It is also an important basilica visited by 10 million people annually. If you ask where I can watch a unique view of Paris, I recommend you here. Once inside, you will see a modern structure. But they later adopted it. I also recommend you to take a look at the streets around Sacre Coeur. Instagram can call here a lot of frames you can easily capture. The museum consists of 4 floors. Goods collections, sculptures, galleries all tour each other.

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