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Kenya travel guide

Kenya Attractions

After receiving the ticket in both Turkey, both in the United Arab Emirates we have received proposals from several firms in Kenya. Since the safari is a bit of an expensive trip, we examined all the offers from the hotel to the safari vehicle in detail. And finally we decided to hire an operator from Kenya.

The system works as follows; you tell the company how long you will stay, your approximate budget, what kind of tool you want (private or shared) and what you want to do, and they prepare a plan that suits you. We wanted a 5-day plan with a special 4 × 4 vehicle for 2 people. Usually packages include attractions in Kenya, accommodation, 3 meals, transportation, and all national park entry fees. Such a package cost us 2000 dollars per person (except our flight to Kenya)

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Is it dangerous ?:

There are risks of being in the wild. But by following the rules, you minimize them. For example; not to get out of the vehicle in any way, not to speak loudly a few of them. On the other hand, in any emergency, all vehicles have radio. All the guides are communicating here throughout the day.

National Reserve:

National parks where wildlife is protected by the state, with certain rules and some of which can be safari.

Game Drive:

The name given to the tour where you go with 4 × 4 or similar tools to do Safari in Kenya. There are usually two ways during the day; either full time “game drive , which turns around 9 in the morning or 4 pm, or night game drive divided into 6 to 9 in the morning and 2 to 6 in the afternoon. If you leave for a full day you have to take your lunch with you. For this, your hotel usually prepares box meal box..

Big 5:

Big five of Africa, consisting of Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo and Rhinoceros. The moment you see them all, the “Big 5” is complete.


Firsts are always important. For the first time we set foot in Africa, we are excited. We went to Nairobi around 8 pm. At the entrance, “KARIBU”, “Welcome” writings and a long passport queue welcomed us, but it did not last much from God. After that; Our Kenya travel guide Noa, who we don’t know yet will be the hero of the next 5 days, welcomed us and placed us in the hotel where we would spend the night in Nairobi. (Sarova Panafric Hotel)

Lake Nakuru

Along the road;

We had the chance to see the magnificent Rift Valley from Israel to Mozambique and the church built by Italian prisoners of war held in Kenya during the Second World War. Halfway to Nakuru, we stopped for a boat tour on Lake Naivasha on the same route. This is a great place to see hippopotamus and some kind of bird. We hit ourselves in the lake with a wooden boat that was quite old but very well worked for an hour. We took lots of pictures, we listened to nature and the sound of water, and after this beautiful therapy, we set out for Nakuru again.

Masai Mara

It is one of the most well-known national parks in Kenya and one of the most important safari centers in the world. It is on the border of Tanzania and more importantly with the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Why is this information important, because what we call Great Migration be is happening in the huge area (16,000 km2) of these two parks.

Having had our lunch, crispy exhaustion, our guide Noa appeared at the door and we set out to meet the wilderness. Masai Mara is truly the most beautiful place to visit in Kenya. As soon as we left the camp, we met a crowded elephant family. Dumbo is swarming. They shout, they eat leaves, there are pups among them and they look great. Just the sound of the wind, the trees and the elephants… We have to live.

We leave them and we continue. Zebras, buffalos, hyenas throwing javelin, so to speak. Towards the end we see a cheetah from a distance but disappear immediately. We watch the extraordinary sunset and return to the camp.

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