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Jakarta Travel Guide

You can witness the cosmopolitan structure of Malay, Indian and Chinese cultures in Jakarta, one of the largest populated cities in Indonesia’s largest Asia. Located on the shore of the Java Sea, you will be in a city between big buildings, large motorways and concrete. If you’ve been to Bali, don’t think it’s in Jakarta. Because it’s not. This is a different place. Come on, let me tell you about Jakarta.

Jakarta Places to visit

Chinatown (Glodok)

We are accustomed to Asia in many cities, a Chinese neighborhood is a must. And here we are. Tiny China where you can experience its delicacies and observe its culture in narrow streets like the labyrinth.

Taman Mini İndonesia 

In Europe, especially in the northern countries, there are open-air museums called Skansen. This place has been modeled from there. Little Indonesia, sir. Indonesian culture, architecture is a beautiful village that will give little clues about the lifestyle. A perfect place for travelers interested in photography.

Istiqlal Mosque

This is the largest mosque in Indonesia and South Asia. 200,000 people can worship at the same time. This mosque, which took 3 years to build, has an incredible acoustic and metallic craftsmanship. It’s a really great shrine. If you are interested in photography in this mosque, which symbolizes independence, you can frame beautiful moments.

Pasar Baru

You can think of it like our Grand Bazaar. The oldest bazaar in the city. You can catch a lot of products in the sense of souvenirs at an affordable price in the streets where you can wander around on foot without car traffic. You can also experience a lot of local delicacies by paying 1 euro in the stalls in front of the shops on the street.

Ancol Theme Park

The main feature of this park is that it is open 24 hours. There are many theme parks in different concepts. You know the theme park on the name. Ancol Theme Park is one of the most important examples of people’s socialization in Jakarta. Recommended, sir.

National Museum of Indonesia

You can find many details about Indonesian history here. Opened in 1868, the museum is also known as the Elephant’s Nest among Indonesians. Jakarta is one of the places to be exhausted.

Monumen Nasional

It is one of the biggest parks of the city with its 132 meter monument. There are plenty of green areas around it as well as the general public, family, etc. here. This is one of the city’s most touristy spots. You can also take the elevator to the summit of the monument and observe Jakarta from above.

Kota Tua

You think Europe! It used to be the Dutch colony. As a matter of fact, this is a tiny Netherlands where all the architectural structures are in European style. It is a beautiful area where you can shop and spend time in restaurants where European and Chinese style buildings are located side by side in the same environment. I think the top 3 places to visit in Jakarta.

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