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Iceland Travel Guide

An island and a European country located in the southeast of Greenland to the north of the Atlantic Ocean and northwest of Scandinavia and the British Isles.

It is a state built on a volcanic island in the north of the Atlantic Ocean and consists of many small islands around it. The nearest neighbor is Greenland, 350 km away. Other neighbors are 1050 km from Norway and 800 km from Scotland.


Population: 330,000

Language: Icelandic

Currency: Icelandic Krona (ISK)

About Iceland Transportation

Bus: There are 2 companies that provide shuttle services at Kevlavik Airport. One is the Gray Line and the other is the Fly Bus. These two vehicles take you to the city center, which is 40 km away, by a half-hour journey. The fee is around 2500 ISK, is around 13 euro. You understand the cost as you walk out the airport door.

Taxi: Don’t even think about this possibility. When I asked, they estimated 14,000 ISK. Get out of there, saying thank you. Slowly close that door, man.

Places to visit

Iceland is a truly amazing geography. And I take notes in October 2019. I’m especially noted for the most different, special place I’ve ever seen. I tried to list the places below as best I could. In fact, there is a situation in Iceland that you can understand when you go. In fact, there are no particular beauties in Iceland. The whole island is beautiful. All the roadside glass areas are beautiful. You drive around, you don’t tire of driving. Because you take so many breaks to take pictures, the miles are longer. On my route there are beauties between Reykjavik and Jokulsarlon. If I had time, I would like to go to the Akureyri region in the north of the country, but not enough time. If you don’t have time problems, I definitely recommend the north.


The water is gushing into the sky, you look at it with admiration, etc. That’s why my first trip to Iceland was here. It is possible to reach Geysir, which is 108 km away from Reykjavik on the road 35. The area you call Geysir is a region where there is a lot of vapors. There is also an area around the hotel and supermarkets. Watching Geysir gave me a really incredible feeling. Here’s the situation in Geysir. Iceland is a volcanic island, because the water at 100 degrees stuck on the ground, flushing itself into the sky. This squirt can go up to 30 meters. My suggestion to you is just don’t take pictures. Watch once to live the moment with the naked eye. About 10 minutes between each explosion. Sometimes he makes two bursts in a row. Peace of mind that water does not harm you. When the water temperature is 100 degrees, the water gushing into the sky evaporates for a moment.


Gulfoss is a beautiful waterfall about 8 km from Geysir. You can visit Geysir, Kerid and Gullfoss on the same route. The source of the island’s second largest glacier to watch this amazing natural wonders, although a little wet is great fun. There’s a walkway to Gullfoss. There is a large car park and 1 souvenir shop near Gullfoss. Gullfoss is one of the most beautiful natural wonders of the route known as Golden Circle.


It is actually a crater lake framed by crimson soil. And interestingly, Kerid is the only paid point in Iceland. (1000 ISK) I don’t understand why they want money here when there are more beautiful places. You can also walk around the Kerid at a depth of 55 meters or take the stairs to the bottom of the water. There are also parking spaces for your car here. Kerid is a nature event that you can reach by traveling 58 km after Gullfoss on road 35.


I can’t read your name. I’m trying to explain it’s a separate matter or whatever. Sir, you will see a row of mountains on your left as you go along the way to Vik. This mountain is actually just one of the 15 active volcanoes in Iceland. This mountain exploded in 2010 and, if you remember, had a serious impact on European air traffic. You can also watch videos on Youtube. If the video is not enough, you can buy the tour by clicking here. The price is 42,000 ISK. You can do this tour from 15 May to 15 October. Unfortunately, the seasonal conditions do not allow. You are truly amazed at how Iceland has erupted from an erupting volcano.


Skogafoss is one of the most beautiful wonders of the world I have seen while traveling on the number one highway. One of the iconic wonders of Iceland, which you call a distance waterfall, but with its gigantic state as well as wetting, the sound of the remote drum creates a pleasant income effect. When the weather is nice it also gives a rainbow view so don’t ask. I didn’t catch it, but I’d definitely recommend it. If the weather is sunny, you’re very lucky. Around Skogafoss there is an open air museum where you can see traditional Iceland houses. If you have time there, I’d say evaluate it.

Dyrholaey and Reynisfjara

We said volcanic island. So things are different. For example, this land does not hold trees. And the sands are black. Well black really. You can see and photograph puffins and seagulls on the cliff edges in the rocky cliffs in an area where there is no black sand near the ocean. Game of Thrones is taken on the shore, including the rocks I think one of the most beautiful activities to sit on the sand to watch the ocean. You can get there by the direction of the signs to the end of the car. You can enter the road of this hill with a normal passenger car. No problem.


It is the second most populated area after Reykjavik. No more than 300 to 500 people. The basis of this is the situation. Since there are 15 volcanoes in Iceland, settlements are clustered. Reykjavik is one of the most remote settlements of the volcanoes. Evacuation process is completed until the volcano lava comes to the city. Vik suffered a lot of damage during the volcano eruption in 2010. So the population is small. The biggest activity area is Iceland Wear and a supermarket. I say you go into this supermarket and grab something and put it in your car. You know, the road is hungry. As I said the Vik region is a very small center. There are also bungalow-style small guest houses in the area. You can take your overnight break here. I made my stay at Welcome Waterfall. It had an extremely pleasant environment.


Jokulsarlon means the glacial river lake in Icelandic. A lake formed by the melting of glaciers since climate change that began in 1920. And the interesting thing is the lake is getting bigger and bigger with thawing. It is an amazing place that grew up twice as fast in 1975 and 1998 as compared to the previous period. There are too many blue glaciers in the region. The fact that the color of the sea is clear blue with the melting of these glaciers gives an incredible appearance. I really enjoyed the unique happiness of seeing such a place in the world. The black sand of the beach and the glaciers of Jokulsarlon are a perfect match. Not to mention the seals floating in between. I couldn’t photograph the seals I saw, but I was glad to see them. Meanwhile, the pond is at a depth of 248 meters. The deepest lake in Iceland.

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