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Helsinki Travel Guide

When to Visit Helsinki ?

If you think that the first thing that comes to mind when you say Finland is cold, you can more or less predict the weather and when it would make more sense to go. But I’m sure there are some of you who like to wander in the cold and even dream of living in a cold country. They can easily find what they are looking for except summer, because Helsinki is really cold. Nevertheless, let us suggest something like this by categorizing you;

Ideal period for those wishing to travel without freezing, but accepting a slightly more expensive period: late May-June-July

What to wear in Helsinki

We would like to explain to you the people in Finland before you know what to wear. Why is that? Because you’re thin as normal people, if you’re thin, cold, thick clothes. But they? While we wandered there with 2 sweaters in a row, ugly underpants that we wouldn’t tell anyone, and a Norwegian fishing jacket on top, they walked around with straps and shorts. At some point, you really go and get cold, take my jacket Lavinya saying something on them, of course, but we are not accustomed to witnessing this, because we are not accustomed to witnessing each other during the trip to Helsinki constantly making eyebrows look at each other “Look at you wearing slippers sdfsf” We have shown reactions.

Although all of our days in Helsinki failed to answer the question nasıl How can we travel in this weather? Ar, it is evidently related to the fact that they are accustomed to the conditions and that we are coming from a more mild climate. As a result, it is clear what to wear, if by chance you do not coincide with a hot period, what is the thickest suitcase.

Helsinki Budget

The most important issue to consider when creating your Helsinki budget is that Finland, like all Nordic countries, is quite expensive compared to many other countries. So you can’t keep it and compare it with your Berlin budget or Belgrade budget. If you compare it, you will probably stop going. Helsinki is an unquestionably expensive city.

In order to ease your budget, the Helsinki Card can be useful if you plan to visit museums and tourist sites. This card includes a number of tourist attractions, as well as transportation and places to visit on Suommenlina Island.

-24 Hour Pass: 46 Euro

-48 Hour Pass: 56 Euro ( each of them comes from the internet is usually cheaper, keep in mind)

Accommodation in Helsinki and Transportation in Helsinki

On our first visit to Helsinki, we were assured of accommodation and preferred the Holiday Inn City Center. It is right next to Central Station, so you can reach all public transportation options in 12 seconds or so, in a very central location, so you can definitely choose it. However, we think that the part that interests you is the house we stayed in during the second Helsinki landing, because when we shared it on Instagram we found that you liked it quite a bit. It is called Aalonkoti Apartments and is 400 meters away from the Holiday Inn mentioned above.

As for transportation, if you already have the Helsinki Card mentioned above, you will not have to pay extra for transportation. However, if you have not, some public transport prices are as follows;

-Tram / Bus single use ticket (when purchased from the machine): 2,90 Euro

-Tram / Bus daily ticket: 9 Euro (You can also take longer)

-Night Tickets: 5 Euro

If you do not intend to take a taxi from the airport to the center, or from the center to the airport, which costs 45 euros from the center, you can use the airport train, which takes you from Helsinki Airport to Central Station in half an hour and costs 5 Euro. a preference. If you want to give a taxi 45 euro and leave all your assets there

Helsinki Travel Forum

Suomenlinna Island

15 minutes away from Helsinki by boat, this tiny island that tastes like a Shire is one of the most touristic areas of Helsinki. There are various museums, bridges, castles and even submarine ruins on the island. There are also restaurants and cafes where you can spend time. If you’re aware, we’re not going to be very interested in us, and we’re not very enthusiastic. :):)

If you go in the winter you will notice that your boat is bumping into ice floes, no panic, enjoy, forget the Titanic.

Senate Square

Although Senate Square, one of the few districts of Helsinki where you can see a few tourists, is one of the most visually beautiful spots of the city, if you don’t have a special interest, you can look around and look at the list of yer places to see 15 in 15 minutes. a challenge. The beautiful building in the center of the square, rising in all its splendor, is the Helsinki Cathedral itself. Not only can you see the cathedral from the outside, but you can also see the interior by climbing those stairs that will grow in your eyes. It has a very simple, quite “Nordic mimar architecture.

On the other side of the square is a building of the University of Helsinki. If you enter this building, let’s add that you can see a beautiful library for free, don’t miss it, you will regret it. Meanwhile, the “old town” and its surrounding streets, from Senate Square to Market Square, are also referred to as ori Tori Quarters imiz on our second trip.

Uspenski Cathedral

The Uspenski Cathedral, one of the most beautiful buildings we have seen in Helsinki, where you can clearly feel the Russian influence, will immediately catch your attention when you move from the Senate Square to the sea (ie Cafe Engel ’on your right, Helsinki Cathedral on your left). We don’t know if you can go in, but at least you should see it from the outside.

Temppeliaukio Church

Temppleiaukio Church, a more simplified name, is a carved into the rocks, as its name suggests, and it is a very interesting architecturally unlike church that you have ever seen. Enough you might say you said 50 churches now, but I think you should definitely see.

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