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Egypt Travel Guide

When to get to Egypt

In our opinion, since Egypt is located in the south, the climate is generally warm. The temperature felt between May and August can reach 50 degrees. Between November and February the temperature could drop to 10 degrees. So the best time to go is between March-April and September-October. We went in the second half of March and although Sharm El Sheikh was cool in the morning and evening, we were able to swim during the day. If you are going during this period, you should take a thin coat with you, I bought jeans coats, it was enough. It was said that the sea water is warming up late, but maybe because we are used to cold water, it didn’t feel cold for me and my son. At noon in Cairo, the temperature was around 37 degrees, but in the evening it was still cool to stand with the coat. The question of how long to stay in Egypt came from a few people, but the answer to this question is somewhat variable. We were in Egypt for four full days thanks to flight times. I had made our plan to be 2.5 days in Sharm and 1.5 days in Cairo. If I had indefinitely time and cash, I would have spent 10-15 days for Egypt. Once you have 3 days to visit Cairo. 3 days to be able to get enough fish to visit in Sharm, but I could not get enough, though. 2 days to Luxor, 2 days to Aswan, 2 days to Alexandria. Maybe extra days may be needed to visit the villages on the roads once in a while. You may want to go to cities like Hurghada and Marsa Alam for different diving experiences. I think you should investigate these places, I think that you decide for yourself.

What to eat in Egypt

I’ve read and heard Egyptian food that spoils it, but I don’t understand why. I came to Egypt 10 years ago for diving and I had never had trouble with food, I even remember that I liked it very much. I was wondering what had changed in the last time, from my point of view, nothing has changed. Yoksa If you don’t have a sensitive body, I think they have dishes that suit our taste. This time I had a lunch at a local restaurant and found everything quite delicious, my stomach did not spoil. They also have kebabs, our meatballs looked more like mine I ate. They have tahini appetizers that we are familiar with, such as hummus, babagannuş. Appetizers, which I have not seen anywhere else before, are called Mulukhiya, which is made by adding hibiscus, coriander and garlic to the broth. They put it on the rice like sauce or they eat bread. I think it’s also in Lebanese cuisine, but I’ve never been to Lebanon three times.

What to buy from Egypt

I think the main souvenir that can be taken from Egypt is a picture made on Papyrus paper. These papers are made from the stem of plants called papyrus that grow on the banks of the Nile. Many non-real papyrus are sold, I suggest you buy them from a safe place. Scarab, which is believed to bring good luck, so excuse me, you can get it from souvenirs made like dung beetles and jewelry. Let me briefly explain why Scarab is sacred to the Egyptians. These insects were laying their eggs in animal droppings and taking them from one place to another. Khepri, one of the forms of Egypt’s famous sun god Ra, who is believed to have rolled the sun out of the dark at sunrise, was identified with this insect, and even Khepri’s head was drawn in the shape of this insect. As many of you know, ancient Egyptian writings are called hieroglyphics. In the past, the names of the Pharaohs were written in an oval frame and it was called Cartridge. Now they write your name as a hieroglyph and make a small pendant and sell it. Pyramid, Tutankhamen, Nefertiti and similar figurines can be taken as clichés. Last but not least, of course you should negotiate during shopping in Egypt.

What you need to know about Egypt

• The official language of Egypt is Arabic, but I wouldn’t lie if I didn’t come across anyone who doesn’t speak English. Of course, I didn’t talk to anyone who passed by, after all, I can say that everyone in the service industry spoke very good English.

  • There’s an hour between us and Egypt, one hour between us.
  • If you are booking a hotel in Egypt, book it knowing that it will be added to the prices you see when you pay. It is written under the room information, but since it is small, 14% VAT, 1% city tax, 12% Facility service charge is included in the price shown. The same may apply to other booking tools. Street vendors etc. very insistent, I recommend you to ignore.
  • Egyptian women are usually conservative, but tourists don’t need to be shut down. Of course, I can tell you that you can dress in any seaside town for cities like Cairo, Sharm El Sheikh, hotels, beaches.
  • I am surprised to hear that Cairo has a population of 25 million or more from Istanbul. Traffic is bad, but not a nightmare for a body accustomed to Istanbul.
  • Somehow, I didn’t feel the need to enter the toilet outside the hotels, but in many places it was recommended to put a napkin with you.

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