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Copenhagen Travel Guide

Copenhagen How Many Days to Visit?

The ideal place to visit Copenhagen is to have three full days. You can easily fill it for 4 days. Because after all it’s the truth of a Tivoli Park! You are in a city that is home to one of the oldest amusement parks in the world.

Copenhagen in which season to go?

As someone who had an incredibly enjoyable time in Copenhagen on a sunny May, please arrange your trip, such as late spring or early autumn, not to the Nordics in winter. It would be nice in the summer, but maybe a little more crowded. As someone who has gone to Scandinavian countries in the winter, I am very pleased with my decision to go in May. The weather is proportional to your liking of the city in northern countries, remember!

Where to stay in Copenhagen

Our neighborhoods in Copenhagen are Norrebro, Osterbro, Vesterbro. But be aware that you can stay in every neighborhood after you have a bike on your Copenhagen tour. We rented a house for $ 87 per night by building Airbnb in Norrebro, a relatively cheap place for immigrants. Yes expensive! Accommodation in Copenhagen is too expensive! For this reason you may consider Airbnb or Couchsurfing instead of hotels.

Transport in Copenhagen Equals Cycling

In the perfect city of Copenhagen, where you can easily get to the city center from the airport, you can find yourself in the center, Norreport station in 15-20 minutes using the only metro.

On the way from the airport to the city, we bought the tickets from the ticket machines and then we got on the train without reading the ticket. We got caught, of course, but our mad hearts didn’t control at all, he was a bum. ­čÖé

In Copenhagen, please rent a bicycle for transportation around the city, because there are 2,5 bikes per person in the city, and why not be one of them? If you follow my advice and rent a bike in this city, you will increase the quality of your trip and the focus on experience by 500%!

Places to visit in Copenhagen

I have a piece of gold advice that will allow you to visit Copenhagen in the most effective way, listening to the story of the city! I’ve never read it from anyone, nor read it anywhere. It was one of the best things I’ve done on this trip to explore the city center of Copenhagen on foot for a free 2.5-hour tour. I’ve participated in Free Walking Tours in Moscow and Budapest before, so comparing this, Copenhagen is a very convenient city. Be sure to consider this tour departing in front of City Hall at 11:00 every day. As we learned by narrowing the people there, the umbrella guides standing in front of the stairs were better than the ones in the middle of the square.

Tivoli Park, which you can see right across from City Hall, is ‘I LOVE IT ‘ when you read it in reverse. Even Walt Disney inspired Disney to build it. There are many restaurants for eating and drinking inside, and famous names like Lady Gaga give concerts from time to time. The ambiance is quite authentic to me because it is old compared to other amusement parks makes it different. For example, from the board, the roller coaster controlled by the mechanic manually! We had a full day of extreme fun here, so glad we went!

It doesn’t mean you will get 120 Krona, which means you will pay 16 Euros for the entrance to Tivoli. In order to ride the toys, you will either get one ticket per toy inside or you will get an unlimited ticket. The answer is definitely second. Already when you get to the most beautiful 3-4 toys in the park, you get unlimited ticket money. This ticket costs 230 Krona, 30 Euro. Yes it is expensive but not as expensive as we do, and when you enter the magic of the environment when you get into the attack that we should get the same emotions know that we share

City Hall is the main square of the city. It’s a pity that this building had four fires, copying and pasting the design of the current 5th state from Siena, Italy. The famous street Stroget, which starts from this square and extends to KingÔÇśs Garden, is quite crowded, full of shops, and the most known place of the city. At the end of this street is the Rundetaarn tower, where everyone goes out to observe and see the city from the hill.

Christiansborg Palace is also just a 5-minute walk off the canal. This place has been burned twice and is now the 3rd palace. If we came to the parliament, let us know that the Danish state provides free health care, education, and a loan of 700 USD per month to every university student. Of course, to ensure this prosperity, there is a high-rate tax system.

Amalienborg Palace is now one of the last stops of the Free Walking Tour! There are 4 identical buildings in a courtyard. One of the queen’s house, one of the prince’s house, one of the monuments and one of the museums. The queen’s chimneys are famous here, because she smoked like a chimney, although she was very old, and an extra chimney system was installed in the house. The Australian bride is the wife of the Prince. When he met, he didn’t know that the man they were in love with was a prince until one day the Prince told him that you might have to choose between the Danish Queen and the Australian Citizenship.

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