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Budapest Travel Guide

My first eye pain when traveling abroad is Budapest. Maybe it’s special from him. There are many points that you can travel with pleasure when you go. You can watch Budapest from Castle Hill. You can admire the Parliament Building. If you say I love my traveler and you still haven’t visited here, the big loss really is. Then give me a recommendation from you, buy your ticket as soon as possible and do not miss here, beauties of Budapest.

Budapest Travel Guide

Population: 1,732M

Language: Hungarian

Currency: Forint

About Budapest Transportation

Budapest Airport is 45 minutes from the city center. Going by public transport is quite complicated and you will need to transfer several times. If you are 2 or 3 people, I definitely recommend a taxi. For those who do not think of a taxi,

You need to take the bus number 200 from the airport. After getting off at Kobanya Kispest metro stop, you need to transfer. You have to get on the blue metro line M3 and get off at the “Deak Ferenc ter” stop. After this point, you are close to the center of Budapest. Whichever direction you will take, you need to take a subway line again. The time to get to the center from the airport in this way is around 50 minutes and costs HUF 850.

Urban Transportation

I think you can visit many places on foot. Taxi can also be evaluated due to HUF currency. But if you consider the subway, you can get your knowledge from metro stations or buffet-style businesses, one way 400 HUF. Budapest was built in 1896 and is the second oldest subway in the world after London. So it’s pretty old.

Places to visit in Budapest

Hungarian Parliament (Orszâghâz):

A unique spot built on the Danube coast with 40 million tiles, half a million precious stones and 40 kilos of gold to give the architectural right of the word ‘majesty’ to emphasize the independence and power of the country. At night, it is certain that it is one of the most important points of Budapest with its illumination.

Castle Hill

Here is my favorite place! It is the most important touristic area of the city and Buda side. You will feel yourself in ancient times while visiting here. It contains a high amount of pleasure. You can reach the hill of Peşte from different shapes. The most preferred method is the 19th century funicular system that starts just beyond the end of the Suspension Bridge on the other side of the junction and goes to the Royal Palace. Another option was to go to Moszkva ter by metro and go up the stairs and catch the mini Varbusz service that goes to Disz ter and stops in many places on the road.

Fishermen’s Sign

Behind the Matyas Church is the Fishermen’s Sign (Halaszbastya) built on the fortress walls, one of the most photographed monuments of Budapest. This series of picture books, consisting of towers, terraces and arches, may at first glance be considered an authentic medieval fortification. However, the bastion was made in the beginning of the 20th century for purely ornamentation purposes.


Budapest is built on a fault line. Countries on the fault line usually have natural areas such as hot water. It is in Budapest. This is a health center that offers physical therapy services to the citizens of neighboring countries. Budapest is a city that explains how to make health tourism very well. So how do I get in? If you have a Budapest Card. 1 entry is included. I think it should be tried.

There are about 1300 thermal springs in Hungary. About 300 of these are used in bathroom activity. There are also many thermal springs that meet the heating needs of the houses. Steam baths go back to Roman times. The Ottomans built Turkish baths, some of which are still in use today. Massage treatments are applied here for countless treatment purposes. The Art Nouveau and Neo-Classical palaces Gellert and Szechenyi, respectively, with majestic baths and outdoor pools, are the largest of the traditional baths.

Margit Island

There is an island between Buda and Pest that divides the Danube in two. I think it would not be wrong to say that this island with its entrance through Margit Bridge is the festival island of Budapest. Of course, there are other alternatives to be made on the island. Such as walking, cycling, concert. Margit Island, which has a large illuminated pool, is one of the entertainment centers at night. After dark, here you can watch the light show in the ornamental pool for free.

Places to visit around Budapest


Perhaps the most impressive of the settlements in the Danube Curl, Szentendre is only 20 km from the center of Budapest. The picturesque town is famous for its artist colonies and surprising number of museums and galleries. The easiest way to get to the town is the HEV suburban train departing from Batthyanyter in Buda. You can reach it in 45 minutes.


If you want a change in museums and galleries, you can go to Skansen, the Hungarian Open Air Museum, 4 km from the town. Catch the bus number 8 departing from the terminal next to Hev station and tell the driver that you will go to Skansen.


It is a town 20 km away from the city. The most valuable part of the basilica is the side chapel made of red marble called Bakocz-Kapolna. The chapel, built in the 16th century and rescued from its ruins and its pieces brought together, is the only remaining part from the original basilica. Esztergeom’s most popular collection lies on the banks of the river at the foot of the Basilica Hill. The Hritstiyan Museum is one of the country’s best religious art museums.

Budapest Food Places


I liked it very much. But I don’t know if I already love it. I like desserts more. It is also very good in price. I would love to try it on the way.

Comme Chez Soi

If you are interested in Mediterranean cuisine, I recommend this place. It is very delicious and successful in price. The staff is very interested. A place to go again. Quality presentation!

Menza Etterem es Kavezo

When you say Budapest, Goulash Soup comes to mind. This is an ideal spot for Goulash Soup and Menza salad. If you like to taste local delicacies, I would definitely recommend it.

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