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Athens Travel Guide


Population: 3,758,000

Language: Greek

Currency: Euro

About Athens Transportation

Athens Airport is 27 km from the city center. Going by public transport is quite complicated and you will have to make several transfers. Taxi can make sense if you are 4 people. You can reach the center by taxi from 45 Euro. Metro line 3, the blue line, runs from the airport every half hour from 06.33 to 23.33 to Syntagma and Monastiraki in the city center. Tickets cost 5 Euros one way. Although the metro is the easiest method, I would like to mention the highway option. Bus X95 runs from the airport to Syntagma Square in Athens every 10-15 minutes. This journey takes approximately 1 hour. Bus x96 takes you to the port of Piraeus in 90 minutes, every 20-26 minutes. If you are crowded, you can also consider the taxi option. 45 Euro in the day and 55 Euro in the night. If you want to rent a car, there are too many rental companies at the airport. You can evaluate.

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If you’re investigating Greece, I’m sure the Acropolis is the place you hear and wonder. Pericles convinced the Athenians to begin a major project in their cities, which became representative of Greece’s political and cultural achievements in the middle of the 5th century BC. Under this program, three different temples and a monumental gate were built in the Acropolis. After passing the Beule Gate, the first entrance to the Acropolis, Proplaila, the impressive entrance to the temple complex. But before I pass here, I’d say take the time to the Nike Temple on the right. Behind Propylaila are Erektheionon and Parthenon. From here you can enjoy great views of Athens. Entrance only 10 euros for Acropolis and Dionysus. If you want to see all the points you can complete this trip for 30 euros. No student discount. So there is also only available for Greek students

What you can see in the Acropolis

Beule Gate

Temple of Athena Nike


Propylail to

Herodes Attikus


Dionysus Theater


Acropolis Museum

There is a museum on the slope of the Acropolis, which is the only modern building. This is a modern building that is so noticeable in the middle of the old building so it sounded a bit strange. As you enter the museum, I suggest you to walk by looking at the floor and you can see that the whole museum is history with the glass base. It is forbidden to take photos and videos inside. The officials are watching you with pure attention. If you lift up the camera or phone, they come right away. They say hop. Be careful. There is only a small terrace where it is allowed to shoot. It also has a cafe and museum shop where you can snack.

Ilias Lalaounis Jewelery Museum

Just below the Dionysus Theater, this small museum is a museum for those interested in decorative arts. As its name implies, Ilias Lalaounis has revived the art of jewelery making. Although not the first day, I think it is one of the places to see in Athens.

National Gardens

The park, formerly known as the Bahçel Royal Gardens Park, has been known as national gardens since 1923. From what I heard from the Greek natives, the park used to be more impressive. Although the gardens lose their old air, they are still one of the most peaceful spots in Athens. Inside the park, there are statues of writers such as Dionysios and Solomos. The park also has a small botanical garden, a zoo and cafes. Having Panathinaiko Stadium next to each other means that you can add these two points to the same route. Although a bit neglected, it is extremely big and one of the peace points. A park where Greeks usually do sports. At the entrance of the park I had a moment. Someone near me wanted to pour bird food in my hand. First I said no. Then I saw the camera and I said he probably wants to help. So give it to me. Then the bird came, the bait ate, went etc. The guy said he handed me the polaroid photo for 5 euros. Was brought to the end. 🙂


Athenian meeting point! Appointments are always here. For some reason, my favorite square in Athens. It seemed pretty lively and authentic to me. Don’t look at me saying that. In fact, there is no such a gigantic situation. Afor Athens or 360 from the café bar terrace, you can sip a drink with a wonderful view. A neighborhood that takes its name from the ruined monastery. The center of the Ottoman Athens, Monastiraki is still home to a market and bazaar where everything is sold from scrap to jewelery. The traces of the Roman Empire in Monastiraki are still in effect today.

Lycabettus Hill

It is also a hill with a cable car at an altitude of 300 meters. If you want to see Athens from above and take a photo like me. Definitely one of the points you should stop by. There are also restaurants on the hill. You can have a snack if you want. Funicular is regular every half hour. You can also walk up the hill, but this is a convenient option for the native. If you’re a tourist, you’re gonna waste time and power. You should opt for a finicular. You can see Athens from this angle by purchasing a round trip ticket for a cable car for 7.5 Euro.


You’il see when you search. The rebellion of the city. When you approach the neighborhood, you can understand where the walls or shutters come from by painting them and drawing graffiti. Greece has serious unemployment and economic hardship. Therefore, young people showed their rebellion by painting on the walls. I wouldn’t say extremely safe, but I’d like to take a daytime tour, see that Greece isn’t just the Acropolis. Very successful graffiti. You can pose in front of them. You can accumulate beautiful memories.


Photographers here! Here in Athens you can see their white stone houses with colorful windows, which will make you feel on the Greek islands. This is one of my favorite streets in Athens. The houses are all competing with each other. I think there’s a beauty pageant. If you’re here, you should tour the streets and buy yourself a greek coffee.

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